Congratulations: Anele Zondo Happy with Pregnancy

It is baby time in mzansiland as the Ingwe hitmaker Anele Zondo announces her pregancy to her fans on Instagram. The musician, actress and presenter couldn’t wait to shock her fans with the news as has always desired to be a mother.This comes after the talented musician was recently in the news for allegedly parting ways with businessman Lebo Gunguluza.

Anele Zondo Flaunts Pregancy on Instagram

anele zondo pregnantSpeaking to one local media outlet,, Anele expresses her desire to be a mother as she always admired to be one for the longest of time. Although she did not want to disclose who her baby daddy is, the mom-to-be told says that she is more than excited and that her pregnancy has inspired her to work even harder on her music.

The multi-talented artist and fashionista acknowledges that keeping her pregnancy a secret has been the hardest thing for her the past few months. On her Instagram post, the soon-to-be-mom is grateful for giving life and hints on her career progress with release of new music.

Anele Zondo Drops New Music EP

Also known to her fans as “Ney The Bae” she has also announced the release of her latest EP, Vuka which means awakening. Zondo says the reason why she decided to take her own time to drop her EP is because she did not want to take her fans for granted especially because they have been loyal and supportive towards her. “My Baes (fans) will love this project. I took my time with it, and it has been a labour of love. It’s a celebration of everything they love about me, but I am also sharing a different, more vulnerable side of me they haven’t heard,” she says.

Congratulations! Mzansi Fans to Anele Zondo

Netizens recieved the news warmly and went on to fill the celebrities posts with congratulatory messages.

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